The Abra-CARD-Abra Newsletter

Quarterly updates, new product introductions and
great ideas from the Abra-CARD-Abra pros.

The Abra-CARD-Abra newsletter/Facebook page is intended to be an “occasional” online newsletter dedicated to the advancement of your marketing with the Abra-CARD-Abra materials. It will be used to formally introduce new items as they are developed (before the rest of the magic community hears about them) and will also act as a forum for you and otherĀ Abra-CARD-Abra members to share your ideas, routines, resource information for materials and new ways to market your services with the Abra-CARD-Abra products.

Abra-CARD-Abra is “A living, breathing work in progress." The ultimate goal is to make each new piece better than the last one and to refine each existing piece as new ideas evolve. Your input is certainly valued and credit will be given for ideas shared. Comments and ideas may be submitted through the “Contact” page of this website.

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