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Your magic marketing
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Want to increase your entertainment income
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Monopolize the magic market in your area.
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Introducing... Abra-CARD-Abra -
"Amazingly simple...simply amazing marketing that works!"

Hello Fellow Entertainers. Welcome to a marketing system you're going to love! The few minutes you spend here today may very well lead to the best marketing decision you'll make in your entertainment business all year long.
“Abra-CARD-Abra” is a fresh, new approach to marketing for magicians and family entertainers. It is a unique collection of custom, magical giveaways that will effectively put and keep your name in front of current and potential clients. Seamlessly blending your business card and contact information into creative magic tricks that may be easily produced for just pennies apiece, these are promotional items that your varied audiences will want, keep and proudly show to others.

Mac King says, “Abra-CARD-Abra is the finest promotional stuff I’ve seen for the professional family performer.”   
Chances are, you’ll agree. Here’s why…

The pieces you are about to discover were designed for use by magicians and other family entertainers by a full-time working pro with expert knowledge in graphic design and marketing – three very compatible factors in the creation of this very powerful, business-generating concept.

7 Years in Development...Tried, Tested and Proven!

My name is Jeff Wawrzaszek. Here is an amazing system that I have used with outstanding success and have kept exclusively for myself for over seven years.  During that time, dozens of magicians who could easily see the benefits encouraged me to market this idea to other working pros.  As it has given me a valuable competitive edge in my own local market, I was reluctant to make it available to others. I eventually realized that there are plenty of magicians and family entertainers who I do not compete with that could greatly benefit from this product as well. So, after considerable thought and over 1,000 hours of writing and additional production work, I am proud to introduce Abra-CARD-Abra to the magic community … outside of my local area. (Sorry guys. For competitive reasons, I am unable to offer this program to any magician within 50 miles of Ann Arbor, Michigan.)*

Want to take your marketing to a whole new level?
Here’s what Abra-CARD-Abra will do for you…

How’s that for starters? These ideas have worked exceptionally well for me. Once you implement them into your entertainment business, you will undoubtedly come up with even more great ways by which you will profit from this amazing marketing tool.

Abra-CARD-Abra puts in your hands the resources to take your entertainment business to the next level. You will discover that you can, in fact, grow your business by giving it away! These unique magical “giveaways” will bring smiles, amazement, joy, and laughter to their lucky recipients, and those fortunate beneficiaries will, in turn, most likely think of you when the prospect of booking fine entertainment comes to mind.

Your Abra-CARD-Abra magic cards are the shining stars that will bring new light to your family entertainment business. The companion manual will be your guide to obtaining stellar results from their application.

Three Exceptional Packages...

The Abra-CARD-Abra program is available in three distinct packages which you’ll learn more about on the “Products and Prices” page of this website.  Get your feet wet with the “Base Set of Three,” or jump “all in” and enjoy more versatility with the “Elite Set of Eight.” In addition, a new promotional piece will be introduced each quarter, for an overall total of 24 custom magical giveaways that you’ll have available to set your promotional materials apart from every other entertainer in your area. Including this tool in your marketing program will ensure that you will remain first in the minds of every prospective client who has the opportunity to see you perform.

Abra-CARD-Abra Back Cover image

Time invested for you...

I have invested well over 1,500 hours in the research, design and development of the Abra-CARD-Abra materials, not because I have too much time on my hands, but because it is something I am extremely passionate about. Each of my promotional pieces has been meticulously tweaked and refined until I could find absolutely no additional ways to improve upon them. 807.25 hours alone were logged in the writing of the Abra-CARD-Abra manual. I spell out every last detail that will allow you to duplicate these materials at minimal cost and use this program with the exact same success that I have experienced.

How much is an hour of your time worth?  

WatchWould you trade the one-time investment cost of a few of those hours for a return on your investment that will increase your income by several thousand dollars a year… for as long as you'd like? Using just two or three of these ideas alone, regularly nets me an additional $1,100 or more each month. At a cost of just pennies for each hour that I have invested for you, I am giving you every idea and secret that I have discovered over seven years in development. In addition, you will get all of the custom artwork you’ll need to reproduce these unique pieces and 13 remarkable recipes to cook up more business than you can shake a wand at. Put this program to use in your business, and you will not only achieve amazing results, but you’ll have a unique marketing tool that you will absolutely love to use.

It's time to take action...

Click on the link to the “Products and Prices” page of this website to see which package is right for you; then, make the decision to take action. You can literally implement this program in a very short time with minimal effort. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll enjoy the benefits that will allow you to monopolize the magic marketplace in your area and fill your engagement calendar and bank account with all of the shows and income that are yours for the taking.

* For competitive reasons, Abra-CARD-Abra is not available to magicians within 50 miles of Ann Arbor, MI, with the exception of a few mastermind members who offered input and help with this project.