Abra-CARD-Abra Products & Prices

Take your marketing to a whole new level, and monopolize your magic market with these three amazing programs from

Three exceptional packages that will set you apart from every other entertainer in your market – Test the waters with the “Base Set of Three,” or jump “all in” and dominate your market with all 13 amazing and effective ways to fill your engagement calendar and generate multiple streams of entertainment-related income.

Hit the ground running with detailed, step-by-step instructions included in the 113-page PDF manual. With over seven years of development and refinement, I’ve left nothing out. Every last detail, idea, and resource to put this system into action is included. Read the package descriptions below, and then take action today to “jump start” or “turbo charge” your family entertainment business.

Base Set of Three Header

The Base Set of Three – “The Bronze Package”
– Get the Abra-CARD-Abra manual and professionally designed artwork (PDF format) for three great magic tricks that kids and adults will love! Include your business card in the printing, and, for just pennies each, you’ll have a great starter set of promotional pieces that your audiences will want, keep, and proudly show to others. See trick descriptions below.

Abra-CARD-Abra BS3

Here’s What You Get - The colorful instruction cards for “The Base Set of Three” require no customization and are designed to be printed on the back of your business card, for which you supply artwork to your printer (along with our custom artwork). The included manual explains the entire system and will guide you through every step - printing, product (materials needed), packaging, and presentation. The business card format allows you to start your Abra-CARD-Abra collection with absolute minimal cost for all required materials.

Base Set of Three - Your Investment: $97.00

Core Set of Six Header

The Core Set of Six – “The Silver Package” - Greater versatility and several additional options for promoting your business make “The Silver Package” an excellent choice for the serious performer. This set includes everything in the “Base Set of Three” plus three very novel items that your audiences will love. One is an original idea, not found anywhere else, and the others incorporate very imaginative twists on two already great magic tricks. The additional pieces in the “Core Set of Six” include:

Core Set of Six Graphic

What’s Included - Each of the three items listed above includes some 
customization, according to your specifications. Your personal contact information will be added to the artwork, saved in a PDF format, and sent to you, ready to upload for printing. These cards are also designed to fit a business card format, making them very inexpensive to produce (as little as 1.3 cents each) but very desirable keepsakes.

Core Set of Six - Your Investment: $197.00

Elite Set of Eight Header

The Elite Set of Eight – “The Gold Package” - This is our most popular package and the ultimate choice for custom promotional materials that every serious family entertainer or working pro should include in their marketing program. The Abra-CARD-Abra manual describes 13 practical money-making tactics using this system. As some of these ideas require multiple items (goody bags, magic workshops, restaurant work and promotions, etc.), having a greater variety of pieces available to you becomes very beneficial. The "Elite Set of Eight" will allow you to incorporate every one of these ideas into your business. The “Gold Package” includes everything in the “Core Set of Six” plus the two unique “postcard-sized” magic tricks pictured below:

Abra-CARD-Abra - Elite Set of Eight

Here’s What You Get -“Domino Dazzler” and the “Magic Candles” each include considerable customization according to your specifications. All artwork for both sides will be saved in a PDF format and sent to you completed and ready to upload to your printer. No additional work or art is required on your part.

Your Best Value, and Here’s Why - Presentation makes a world of difference in the perceived value of a packaged item. The two larger “postcard-sized” tricks included along with the collection of smaller cards from the “Core Set of Six” create a very nice visual variety of magic tricks when they are packaged together into custom magic sets or goody bags. I include “Magic Candles” and “Domino Dazzler,” along with “The Amazing Fortune Teller Fish” and three popular novelty items, in my goody bags, creating a package that looks great and that parents and kids love.

Elite Set of Eight - Your Investment: $297.00

Consider this: With 16 additional Abra-CARD-Abra pieces planned for the future and in the works, the 10% and 15% discounts available in the above packages can really add up to great savings!


Abra-CARD-Abra - Print Edition of the Book

Abra-CARD-Abra Book Abra-CARD-Abra is available in both ebook and print editions. To keep your costs down, each of the above programs includes the ebook in a PDF format on CD or by download. For those of you who prefer the feel and convenience of a physical printed volume, a full-color, comb-bound edition of the book is available at an additional cost. 

Abra-CARD-Abra will save you hundreds of hours in time and a fortune in design and development costs. If you are of the "do it yourself" nature and would prefer to create your own "original" promotional pieces, this book is a definite "must have" for your personal library.

Here’s what you’ll discover by reading Abra-CARD-Abra:

Abra-CARD-Abra - Print copy alone - $50.00
Abra-CARD-Abra - Print copy, with any of the above packages - $30.00

Please note: The $20.00 discount reflected in this price is only available when you purchase
one of the three available CD or download packages of this system

Abra-CARD-Abra Book - Print Copy Options

Save shipping cost and time with the downloadable version

A downloadable version of Abra-CARD-Abra is available for those who would like to eliminate shipping costs and time. This is especially handy for international orders. Your copy and license number will be sent to you via Hightail within 24 hours after payment has been received.

Abra-CARD-Abra Downloadable Version


That’s just for starters …
Wait till you see what’s coming next …

Abra-CARD-Abra is a labor of love and a continuous work in progress. That means it doesn’t end here. This is truly a unique marketing tool for magicians and family entertainers, unlike any other of which I have seen or heard. My plan is to take it to even greater levels, and my goal is to create a total of 24 custom pieces from which to choose as you build your collection.

Abra-CARD-Abra is not for everyone … It was specifically created for the "serious performers" and "professional entertainers" who want to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd. If you have decided on one of the packages included above, congratulations! You are part of a select group.

Please note: The additional Abra-CARD-Abra pieces shown below are only available to those who have purchased one of the three packages or a copy of the Abra-CARD-Abra manual. As the manual will guide you through every step of the system and includes important information regarding the printing of your materials, it is a critical and required item to have in your possession.

Enjoy the additional products below. If you would like to be among the first to know about new product introductions or receive valuable tips and ideas on how these magical giveaways may benefit you, be sure to sign up for our newsletter or Facebook group.

Letters to Santa

The absolute best giveaway available for professional Santas (year round) or for magicians and family entertainers throughout the holiday season. At just pennies per piece (about 4-5¢), this beautiful custom keepsake will create magical memories that your recipients will cherish and hold onto for years to come.

  • Letters To Santa Magic TrickLetters to Santa - Ages 4-10 Years.
    Adults will also enjoy sharing this wonderful piece of magic with kids, family and friends.

    Effect - “I recently read that one out of every 49 letters received by the Post Office in December is addressed to Santa. Have you sent your letter to Santa yet?” you ask, as you remove four colorful puzzle pieces from a small, clear bag. The pieces are laid out onto the table to display seven rows of seven Christmas stamps, totaling 49. “With so many letters, it would be a shame to have yours get lost in the mail; so, I’m going to show you the best way to get your letter delivered.” You pick up the three lower pieces of the puzzle and ask your spectator to simply think of what they would say to Santa, and then blow on the pieces. The three pieces are reassembled on the table. Surprise and amazement result as your spectator discovers that one of the stamps has vanished. You then draw attention to a small envelope that has been sitting on the table all along. The envelope, which is addressed to Santa, is opened to reveal the back side of the stamp that says, "This one is special." "Do you know why this one is so special?" you ask. Turn the stamp over and say "...because this one is from you!" The missing stamp is then placed in the corner to reveal that it perfectly completes the puzzle. 

Audiences love this trick! It will quickly become one of your favorite routines for individuals or small groups, and it has tremendous possibilities for becoming the incentive item that may get you booked at plenty of additional holiday events. As a giveaway at your holiday shows, breakfast with Santa, or at any venue where Santa is making an appearance, offering to have these unique keepsakes for each child present could very likely make the difference between having a client book you, instead of your competition, as the entertainment choice or Santa for their event.

The Letters to Santa storyline is used with permission from the Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI.

Here’s what you get – Letters to Santa includes some customization on each side, according to your specifications (contact information, website, tag lines, etc.).

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of instructions, presentation, performance tips, and customization form.
  • Complete artwork customized to your specifications and sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer.
  • PDF art file of mini-envelope that you may print on your own printer, assemble, and include with your giveaway.

Letters to Santa – Your Investment: $47.00
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The Left-Handed Stir Stick

The Left-Handed Stir Stick - Ages 6 years - adult.

“I recently learned that one out of every four people is left-handed, so I invented the Left-Handed Stir Stick,” you say as you spread four plastic stir sticks out in your hand. “Even though they all look exactly the same, for some strange reason right-handed people take right-handed sticks and left-handed people take left-handed sticks. I’ll prove it.”  You then have three right-handed people each draw a stick from your hand. “That’s amazing!” you exclaim as you point out that they took the only three right-handed stir sticks. “Do you know how I know that?” you ask as you hold up the last stick, “Because this is the only one that’s LEFT.” After your audience groans, you reveal that your stick is the only one in the batch with a tag attached. The tag reads, “Left-Handed Stirrer.” “It really is the only left-handed stirrer, and that’s the one that you LEFT for me.”

Performers Note: This unique piece of magic quickly became a favorite in my restaurant and walk-around gigs, as well as in my magic workshops. It never fails to get an audible response of surprise or laughter when I present it, and there is always an “Aha!” moment of enlightenment when I reveal how it is done. It is a trick that both kids and adults will love showing to family and friends long after they receive it as a gift from you. At an average cost of about 4¢ per packaged set, I expect it will quickly become a favorite of yours as well.

Here’s what you get –

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of resources for stir sticks and other necessary materials, instructions, presentation, performance tips, and customization form.
  • Complete artwork for the instruction side of the card sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer. Include your business card on the opposite side.
  • PDF art file for special left-handed stirrer mini-tags that include your phone number on the back side.

Please note – The custom tags used in this effect require the use of two special punches that may be easily located online or at craft stores and purchased for an additional $10.00 - $15.00 total.

Left-Handed Stir Stick – Your Investment $47.00
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The Optical Billusion -

The World’s “Most Unusual” Magical Keepsake.

“Creating the ultimate promotional piece and driving massive traffic to my website was the goal for this unique Abra-CARD-Abra keepsake. The end result far exceeded my expectations!” 

The Optical Billusion by Abra-CARD-Abra.com

300 hours of combined research and design time went into the creation of this colorful, magical masterpiece.
32 of the world’s most amazing optical illusions and visual conundrums on one jumbo dollar bill are the amazing results.

The Optical Billusion was originally created as a FREE giveaway for each child in attendance at my Library Summer Reading Shows. It was an amazingly successful incentive that prompted a record number of libraries to book my show, and it was a phenomenal hit with all audience members who received one.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website - Combining 32 visually astonishing illusions into a 4.25" x 11" space is a task of huge proportions. As room for directions did not exist, a two-page downloadable PDF with instructions to find all of the illusions was created. Recipients would have to visit my website to download the FREE document, and boy did they visit! Web statistics always show a huge surge of visitors after each show.

A Booking Incentive Like No Other – This remarkable giveaway continues to work its magic as a great booking incentive. Consider this example: over one two-week period, I had five inquiries with each caller stating that they were considering other magicians as well. As many look for the lowest price, and I do not work in that range, I decided to offer my “Optical Billusion” as a FREE gift to each child in attendance. The very colorful description of this truly unique piece added real value in the client’s mind. Final result – 5 for 5! Three Schools, a Scout Banquet, and a Library! Five premium shows for a few extra dollars in materials … and each child took my contact information home with them! That’s a marketing piece that pays for itself many times over!

Here’s What You Get –

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of instructions, tips and ideas for how to use this piece in your marketing, and a customization form for bill and downloadable instruction sheet.
  • Complete artwork with customization on both sides, according to your specifications (website, phone number and additional information included), sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer.
  • Two-page "Optical Billusion - Illusion Solutions" sheet, in PDF format, describing where to find all 32 optical illusions and visual conundrums. This is a file that you may print out for distribution with your bills or make available on your website for download by recipients. Includes some customization, according to your specifications (contact info and additional information).

The Optical Billusion – Your Investment $127.00

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On your mark, get set, READ my mind...

Great as a booking incentive for your library summer reading shows or as an amazing stand-alone magic giveaway.

On your mark get set, READ

Every year, I create a custom magic trick based on the national collaborative summer reading program theme. I offer these custom magic tricks as a FREE gift to each child attending my shows. This effect was a huge hit in the libraries and has been extremely popular at my restaurant gigs and family shows. Kids love it! It is easy-to-do and lots of fun. At just pennies per piece, the FREE magic tricks create a three-fold benefit:

  • They add value and are a great booking incentive for libraries to book you over your competition.
  • Residual work for you. They put your contact information into the hands of every child or family attending your show.
  • They drive more traffic to your website as curious recipients look to find out more about the magic trick or your services.

On your mark, get set, READ my mind... Ages 6 years - adult.

Effect - A friend chooses one of 15 Olympic icons on the back of a postcard but does not reveal his choice. He then looks at the front of the card and lists the color of the ring(s) in which his icon appears. You are quickly able to name the icon he chose. This may be repeated several times.

Here’s what you get –

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of instructions, presentation, performance tips, and customization form.
  • Complete artwork for the 4 x 6 postcard customized to your specifications and sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer.
  • Complete artwork for the instruction side of the business card sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer. Include your business card on the opposite side.

On your mark, get set, READ my mind – Your Investment $47.00
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The World's Greatest "Cardless" Card Trick

The World's Greatest "Cardless" Card Trick - Ages 8 years - adult.

The World's Greatest "Cardless" Card Trick

Effect – Ask a friend to think of any card as
you take out two business cards and two small craft sticks. The backs of each card are different, yet each depicts an entire deck of playing cards, including jokers and bridge score cards. As you turn your back, ask your friend to find the column on each card which contains their thought of card, and then, cover each column with a craft stick. As you turn around, you are able to instantly name the thought of card. This may be repeated several times without detection of the secret.

The World’s Greatest “Cardless” Card Trick
is a great way to get not one, but two, of your business cards into the wallets of those people that you “gift” them to. Not only that, it will drive those potential clients to your website. As you demonstrate this trick, explain that “everyone” should know at least one great trick that they can show to friends. “Here’s an amazing trick you can keep in your wallet, and I’m going to give it to you as a gift,” you explain, as you hand them a set of cards. “While it is easy-to-do, it will take you about 10 minutes to learn.” You say. “So, rather than explain it now, I will show you where you can learn the secret once you get home.”  On the front of my card is a phrase that reads – “A gift for those who are curious…” I explain that if they go to my website and simply click on the link with that phrase, they will be able to download the instructions for this trick. Voila! More traffic to your website, two cards in their wallet, and a little bit of word-of-mouth promotion for you each time they demonstrate this trick.

Here’s what you get –

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of instructions, presentation, performance tips, and customization form.
  • Complete artwork for the two, 2 x 3.5 business card/playing card backs sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer. Include your business card on the opposite side.
  • PDF instruction sheet (with your contact information) for your recipients to download from your website.

    The World's Greatest "Cardless" Card Trick – Your Investment $37.00
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New, from Abra-CARD-Abra! - You're Going to Love This!
"Topsy-Turvy Bunny Money" - The Mini-Magic Workshop Bill

The Mini-Magic Workshop Bill- Ages 5-12 years.

Topsy-Turvy Bunny Money from Abra-CARD-Abra.com

This custom Birthday Party / Magic Workshop piece will increase your birthday party income exponentially!
The five magic tricks included on the bill can be used in workshops or mini-workshops filling 10-30 minutes, depending on your presentation. I offer the 10-minute mini-workshop "upsell" to my birthday party packages with an 85% success rate. The neatly folded packet, including the bill, loops, and a rubber band costs about 8 cents each. A great piece that kids love and will hold onto for years!. This beautiful piece will pay for itself with just a few shows.

Here’s What You Get –

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of instructions, tips and ideas for how to use this piece in your marketing, text to include on your website for a 5th Bonus magic trick, and a customization form for the bill.
  • Complete artwork with customization on both sides, according to your specifications (website, phone number and additional information included), sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer.

    The Mini-Magic Workshop Bill – Your Investment $127.00
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New, from Abra-CARD-Abra! - "Bronco Bunny"
The World's Most Difficult Three-Piece Puzzle

Bronco Bunny- Ages 6-Adult.

Bronco Bunny Can you tame Hare E. Houdini so that both riders are correctly positioned in their saddles at the very same time? Sound simple? Try it. This really is the world's most difficult three-piece puzzle!

This "magical" variation of Sam Loyd's "Trick Mules" puzzle, invented in 1872, was a real labor of love to create. Countless hours were spent in the intricate details that make this Abra-CARD-Abra piece the absolute best version of this puzzle that you will find anywhere on the planet.

P.T. Barnum gave out millions of Loyd's puzzle to promote the "Greatest Show on Earth." Now, you can promote your show in a similar fashion. At less than a nickel per piece, this colorful, postcard-sized premium makes a great giveaway, goody bag filler, or back of room item. Once they discover the simple, but not obvious, solution to this amazing, classic puzzle, recipients will want to share it with friends and family everywhere. The 12 Fun Facts, printed on the opposite side of this card, will definitely tickle their funny bone and create plenty of smiles. This is truly an item that your audiences will love and hold onto for years to come.

Here’s what you get –

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of instructions, presentation, performance tips, and customization form.
  • Complete artwork for the 4 x 6 postcard customized to your specifications and sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer.

Bronco Bunny – Your Investment $47.00
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New, from Abra-CARD-Abra! - "Discover a World of Magic"

The perfect booking incentive and giveaway for your 2017 "Build a Better World" Summer Reading Shows. A great stand-alone piece as well.

Ages 6-Adult.

Build a Better World  Magic TrickLibrarians will love you for including this trick in your show, and for the wonderful message it conveys. Your audiences will love it as well!

Effect: A card displaying the planet Earth with twelve "iconic" structures surrounding it, and a clockface on it's surface, is shown to the audience. Your audience members are asked to think of a number between 1 and 12, and then, move around the clock as they spell out their selected numbers. They do this three times, until they finally arrive at a "seemingly" random location. Surprisingly, they all end up at the number 1, which coincidentally, just happens to have an image of the library above it. The card is turned over to reveal that you have predicted correctly - they have landed at the #1 best value on the planet - the Library! A clever tie-in to the summer reading theme is included in this brief message: "Over time, libraries have been among the world's most iconic destinations. They inspire us to Dream, to Explore, to Achieve, and to...Build a Better World!"

I plan to present this trick in my shows, using a poster size card, and a member from the audience. They will select a number and we will move around the clock until we reach our final destination. Once I reveal my prediction, I will let them know that I have a gift for each child in attendance, after the show - a postcard version of the very same trick, which they can show to their family and friends.

At a cost of less than 3 cents per piece, this is a "no brainer." It's an inexpensive incentive that will get you booked again and again...and, every family who attends your show, will be taking your contact information home with them.

Please Note: As this was specifically developed for a library audience, I am making this one piece available to magicians who have not purchased an Abra-CARD-Abra license (at a slightly higher fee), as a way of seeing how these unique promotional pieces may work for you. There are several new pieces to come, and there are several benefits of purchasing a license, including great discounts.

This beautiful Abra-CARD-Abra piece is available now, allowing plenty of time for you to promote this FREE gift as an incentive for booking YOUR show.

"Discover a World of Magic" Library Trick – Abra-CARD Abra Subscribers $47.00
"Discover a World of Magic" Library Trick – Non Abra-CARD Abra Subscribers $57.00
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New, from Abra-CARD-Abra! - The "Art of Magic"

A Magical "Masterpiece" - Your Audiences Will Love This!

The "Art of Magic" from Abra-CARD-Abra.com The "Art of Magic" - ages 7-12
Adults will enjoy this magical "masterpiece" as well!

Effect: Explain to your spectator that you paint in your spare time and you have three recent “masterpieces” that you would like to share with them. Three colorful art cards depicting solid colored canvasses of Red, Blue, and Yellow are placed on the table for their consideration. After hearing humorous descriptions of each piece, they are asked to decide which painting will remain home and which two pieces will be shipped to the Louvre in Paris. You then reveal a prediction proving that you knew all along exactly what they would decide.

Finally, a 3-card mental choice effect with all of the elements of a great promotional piece! A wonderful "Storyline," Beautiful Props, Amazing Magic - that's easy-to-do, Inclusion of your contact information on several pieces, and best of all, exceptional quality at an exceptional value! At just 9.5 cents per set, this truly is a "Magical Masterpiece" that you will definitely want to include in your marketing game plan. Include it as a premium piece in your goody bags, magic sets, and magic workshops, or as a wonderful magical giveaway that kids and adults will keep, and love to perform.

Special thanks to St. Louis, Magician, Jeff Lefton for sharing his idea for this great trick.

Here’s what you get –

  • Includes PDF download (or print copy, if requested) of instructions, presentation, performance tips, and customization form.
  • Complete artwork (both sides) for three 2 x 3.5 colorful art cards sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer. Print your business cards on the backs or use the art files included with your set.
  • Complete artwork (both sides) for one 11 x 8.5 full-color flyer which includes three sets of million dollar bills, packing crate folders, and basic instructions needed for this trick. Customization with your contact information is included and sent to you in PDF format, ready to upload to your printer.
  • One set of customized instructions to post on your website for recipients to download.

The "Art of Magic" – Your Investment $57.00

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Below are samples of some of the additional pieces that have been part of my personal collection of magical giveaways over the past several years. Some may eventually make it into the Abra-CARD-Abra series. If there is a particular piece that you may be interested in, please contact me for more information.

1. Five Star Prediction 2. Magic Show Mind Reader 3. Clip Cards 4. Princess Card Trick for Business Cards (as described in my book, and used with permission from Wolfgang Moser) 5. Round TUIT's 6. What's Your Super Power? - Interactive Magic Trick and Word Search for Library and Reading Shows. 7. What's Your Super Power? Companion Secret Instruction Card.

Check back here often to see new pieces coming soon … or just join the Abra-CARD-Abra Marketing for Magicians Newsletter/Facebook page (coming soon) – a closed group dedicated to making Your Marketing, Your Magic and YOU more memorable.

Amazingly simple...simply amazing, marketing that works!